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The Founders Trail

The research into the lives of the young lads who formed Rangers Football Club began in 2006. Their untold story was something that had intrigued me from an early age, where did they live, did they work within the City, what became of them?


As the research intensified into their story locations all around Glasgow started to reveal themselves, it truly was fascinating. I would often find myself walking from Fleshers Haugh, through Glasgow city centre and on up to the west end of the city, having of course a couple of well appointed pit-stops on route! 


Fleshers Haugh.

This was a story that had to be shared with my fellow Rangers supporters, so friend and fellow enthusiast Gordon Bell got to work on creating the Founders Trail Map that could be downloaded from the internet that would allow fans to set-off on foot around the city.


The Founders Walking Trail set off in August 2009 where we took a large group around the various sites that had been located and it proved very popular, that's apart from the aching feet that followed over the next couple of days! 


The Founders Plaque in the football centre at Glasgow Green.

As the Founders Trail evolved we were flooded with enquiries via the fans website FollowFollow.com and our own mail address. The next logical step was to take the 'Journey of Discovery' around Glasgow by using the novelty of an open-top bus and approach Rangers about adding on a Stadium Tour to finish off our day.


The West of Scotland Cricket Ground.

The Founders Trail by bus has been operating from November 2009 on a monthly basis, and with the addition of a Tour of our magnificent Ibrox Stadium from March 2010. It just continues to grow and we've been totally overwhelmed with the response. 


Craigton Cemetery.

We were told often enough that people just weren't interested in the history of the Club but time and again the supporters have proved them wrong.


Bill Struths grave. 

Come and join us and let us take you on the journey around Glasgow which tells the story of the four lads who formed our Club and many others in our early years. 


Our story is unique and continues to be told.




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The Founders Trail
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